Geneva Motor Show: TechRules AT96 and GT96 TREV concepts image

The Swiss event is brimming with exotic manufacturers and among them we found China-based TechRules which promises a wild ride in its upcoming AT96 and GT96 TREV supercar concepts.

The models have been presented as a way of highlighting the company’s proprietary Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) technology, which is one of those technologies that if put into practice would be able to revolutionize the world of eco automotive production of powertrains. The unique concepts are both two-door coupes that come packing a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and a lightweight carbon fiber body. They also come with custom dihedral doors and lightweight 20-inch wheels that are hiding the high-performance braking system.

The unique plug-in hybrid TREV range extender system is truly the star of the TechRules booth and it consists of a micro-turbine that delivers electrical power and can be used to recharge the 20 kilowatt hour Lithium-Manganese-Oxide battery pack. It’s best to let the experts describe the process: “Air drawn into the micro turbine is passed through a heat exchanger where heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the cold intake air after it has been compressed. Ignition of the compressed and heated fuel-air mixture generates enormous energy which is channeled at very high speeds to turn the turbine vanes. As this hot exhaust gas is expelled, it passes through the heat exchanger to ensure the heat energy is recuperated and transferred to cold intake air.”

The AT96 concept can use aviation kerosene, diesel, or gasoline and the GT96 concept will make do with biogas or natural gas. Of course both use the TREV range extender system and also pack six electric motors. The front wheels get an electric motor each while the rear wheels have each a pair of electric motors – the total combined output is of 1,030 horsepower. Testing has already commenced at Silverstone last year and the initial figures come with a 0-62 mph run in 2.5 seconds and a limited maximum speed of 217 mph. Most importantly, the range is of more than 1,242 miles and fuel economy stands at a mind-blowing 1,569 mpg.