Geneva motor show: the certainty of spectacle image

While the European auto market has just tentatively came out of the six-year low of sales, the 2015 Geneva auto show is already gearing up to surpass our wildest expectations. Here are some certain bets.

The automakers look ready to shake things up into a broader recovery, with the Switzerland event – famous for its neutrality, even as far as the auto industry is considered – having modes for all clients and pockets. But we’re here to address this time the glamour seekers. Yes, those with check books that refer to accounts with numerous zeros. They won’t go home disappointed.

For starters we have the last of the 450 Bugatti Veyrons – appropriately called “La Finale” – a 1,200-horsepower Grand Sport Vitesse, the “sporty” version of the convertible variant. Mercedes-Benz is showing us the three-row Mercedes-Maybach Pullman that starts at half a million euros and then goes up to the sky if you add all the optional extras, including armoring that would allow for a joy cruise in Baghdad. Italian supercar fashionistas might want to hold their breath for the Lambo Aventador Superveloce or Ferrari’s new 488 GTB.

The Geneva motor show is also known as a great venue for mostly obscure or utterly exotic carmakers. Such are Swedish brand Koenigsegg, which is bringing a new RS version of its Agera supercar and even a “megacar” called the Regera. The Danes at Zenvo are coming with the $952,000 ST1 supercar and Lotus will debut a new variant of the flagship Evora – the 400.

Aston Martin will rule the floor with the V12 Vulcan, which will set anyone (I mean the 24 lucky owners) back $2 million. Fellow British specialists at McLaren will also have for select customers the track-ready 666-hp 675LT coupe.

Via Bloomberg