The Italian design house, which has been recently acquired by India’s Mahindra Group, has recently announced a new concept set to premiere early next month during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show via a teaser picture.

The distressed styling house and known coachbuilder will hopefully gains some much needed financial relief but before that the company shows it aims to remain on the right track as it introduces an “exciting concept car” during the Swiss event. The teaser image seems to be indicative of a sports car – but then again we’re talking about Pininfarina, so it may very well be an executive sedan with a sporty design. No further details have been shared, but we can speculate the front splitter shows it has to do with a performance vehicle while the red stripe might indicate we’re looking at a Ferrari-related project. While Mahindra took over 76 percent of the shares, it has also vowed to keep Pininfarina independent – this concept will be the first product under their new patrons.

Pininfarina has been in trouble for a long time due to the latest developments in the auto industry – design houses are being called less often today as the automaker rely on their own in-house design studios mainly due to reduced costs. We’re hoping Mahindra will find a way to monetize Pininfarina’s experience as such design houses have often produced marvelous results in the past.



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