Geneva motor show’s greatest rides image

We’re again feeling decidedly subjective on this one, but here’s my personal pick of the greatest rides that could be snatched from the show floor of Switzerland’s Geneva auto show.

The Geneva International Motor Show has returned to its roots when the most neutral auto show on the planet had a crucial importance for automakers. The show – which never really mattered to the US market until now – was always the pride of numerous exotic, limited production or startup automakers. Now the globalization and consolidation of the auto industry that happened in the past decade has changed the course of things. For example, one of the most important vehicle premieres there – the Ford Focus RS will be a truly global model sold in the US, Europe and China, among other markets.

The model does get a special bonus mark from us – putting the blue oval in the trophy room of compact hot hatches, but it was certainly not the only great ride there. We could start alphabetically with the Audi R8 e-Tron, the all-electric version of the second-generation supercar that delivers 456 horsepower, 678 pound-feet of torque and has a great range of 280 miles (hello Tesla Model S). Up next comes the astonishingly beautiful Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept – the British ultra-luxury marquee was not going in the right direction with the Mulsanne or the upcoming Bentayga in my opinion. While we’re in the auto industry’s stratosphere we should remember to give the thumbs up to the Ferrari 488 – it’s a facelift, but one done right.

Getting to more down to earth automakers, we welcome back the Honda Civic Type R – which should give a pretty great run for the money to the Focus RS. Next up we have Infiniti’s QX30 concept, which puts the Japanese in the state of reinventing the compact crossover segment after previously inventing the subcompact one with the Nissan Juke.