Geneva Preview: Volkswagen Cross Coupe diesel hybrid unveiled image

Volkswagen Ag has just unveiled an updated version of last year’s striking Cross Coupe concept.

The new Cross Coupé Concept SUV is powered by an alliance of a turbo diesel direct-injection engine (TDI) and two electric motors.

A bit bigger than a Golf, but not as big as a Vw Tiguan, the Cross Coupe offered a diesel-driven powertrain for the front wheels and a pair of electric motors at the back adding 4WD and an extra 112bhp to the mix.

It’s said to combine staggering 157mpg fuel economy and 46g/km CO2 emissions with 302bhp and 137mph performance. For a 1.8-ton SUV, that’s all rather impressive. The German automaker says the combination under full load supplies up to 516 lb-ft of torque — considerably more than the 6.3-liter W12 engine that powers the 2012 Audi A8.

Drivers can choose from five driving modes: City (ECO mode with minimal fuel consumption); Sport (high dynamic performance); Off road (continuous all-wheel drive); E-mode (pure electric drive); and Charging (via the diesel engine).

The Cross Coupe’s battery is an eight-module lithium-ion unit with an energy capacity of 9.8 kWh.

  • Beaugrand

    The title says "Volkswagen Cross Coupe diesel hybrid unveiled," at the beginning of the article it says "… the Cross Coupe offered a petrol-driven powertrain for the front wheels…", but at the end it says "…and Charging (via the diesel engine)."

    I'm assuming the reference to "petrol-driven powertrain" is a typo, and should read "diesel-driven powertrain."

    • inautonews

      it's a diesel yes – it was a mistake :) thx