The Swiss event is well known for being a neutral ground, making it the perfect paradise for obscure and little known exotic companies. Take China-based Techrules as the perfect example.

While we’re dealing on a daily basis with all instances of the automotive industry, we needed some digging up before remembering who Techrules is – but fortunately the company will come into the spotlight during the early days of March during the Geneva Motor Show when it will bring to life an all-new electric supercar concept. Grand words are sued throughout: it should revolutionize the “performance and environmental impact of future electric vehicles,” as the model is coming with a unique Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) system. Since it’s so revolutionary the company remained mysterious when asked about specifications and only said the system “incorporates several technological innovations that deliver unprecedented advances in both whole-life environmental efficiencies and dynamic performance.”

This “save the Earth” line has been used before so we’re going to be excused for having reservations – especially since Techrules says their game-changing concept will come to the party with 1,030 horsepower and also a range of more than 1,242 miles. If those numbers actually come to real life, we’re expecting Techrules to quickly become a company that is more valuable than our usual crop of automakers… Anyways, the teaser is actually depicting two vehicles instead of one and as far as we can see there’s a sleek front end with LED headlights.



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