Geneva: Smart ForTwo Brabus Electric Drive unveiled image

German tuning house Brabus, at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show has unveiled the Smart fortwo electric drive – a sports car with a green heart according to the Germans.

The little city car is powered by an 80-horsepower version of the new Smart Fortwo electric drive’s electric motor. The motor makes 100 lb-ft of torque. A new sports suspension was also added and drops the ride height by 10mm.

To bring the electric Smart ForTwo to life, Brabus installs a special sound module, which is also helpful for alerting pedestrians of an incoming vehicle.

“The smart BRABUS electric drive is our sports car with a green heart”, says smart boss Dr. Annette Winkler. “Electric driving in the city is more fun than ever with this 2.69 metre short bundle of power.

Inside, an assortment of upgrades include leather instrument panel and interior door trim, leather seas, stainless-steel sports pedals, Brabus handbrake handle and Brabus cockpit clock and rev counter.

The smart BRABUS electric drive will be available from smart centers in 12 countries from the end of this year. Unfortunately, the German automaker still hasn’t announced its range on a single charge.