Geneva to also get the production version Techrules supercar image

The Chinese company Techrules is actually very interesting, due to the technology involved, and we’re finally going to see the production version of the model previewed by the AT96 and T96 TREV concepts.

The teaser depicts a pre-production prototype still wearing the usual camouflage coat – but even so the futuristic styling with “dramatic design” is pretty much clear and lending some larger credentials to the project. This aerial view also shows the spectacular jet fighter-style canopy and we can even catch a glimpse of what’s inside the cockpit where we can see a central position has been used for the driver. The design is the work of well known Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son, Fabrizio Giugiaro, so there are numerous reasons to eagerly await the reveal at the Geneva Motor Show.

Geneva to also get the production version Techrules supercar 0

Techrules has refrained from depicting the technical specifications, but we can bet the hardware will be an advancement of what the previewing prototypes had – no less than six electric motors, one at each front wheel and a pair for each rear wheel for a total output of 1,030 horsepower (768 kilowatts) and an incredible torque of 6,372 pound-feet (8,640 Newton-meters). The lithium-manganese-oxide battery is charged on site via a micro-turbine that powers a generator – electric range is of 93 miles (150 kilometers) but with 80 liters of aviation kerosene, total range surged to 1,242 miles (2,000 km).