Geneva: Toyota FT-Bh Concept revealed image

Toyota has recently presented to the public the FT-Bh Concept, during the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, after previewing it ahead of the Swiss automotive event.

According to the Japanese based car manufacturer, the Toyota FT-Bh is an ultra fuel-efficient b-segment car which is coming with some impressive figures, such as 2.1 which is the fuel efficiency in liters per 100 km. Toyota says that the FT-Bh Concept weighs just 786 kg thanks to a high-tensile-strength steel body structure which is bringing a new expansion foam applied throughout the interior, improving the thermal management in maintaining the cabin temperature.

The Toyota FT-Bh concept car is using a new 1.0 liter two-cylinder Atkinson cycle gasoline engine, along with an improve hybrid system, but there is no official word on performance figures yet. The “green” Toyota concept is coming with two alternative versions, a CNG (compressed natural gas) hybrid version, which is emitting just 38 g/km of CO2, and a plug-in hybrid version, which emits just 19 g/km of CO2.

The latest creation coming from Toyota is 3,985 mm long, 1,695 mm wide and 1,400 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,570 mm. The FT-Bh Concept is coming in front-wheel drive layout and the model has a seating capacity of four.