Geneva: Volkswagen Passat Hybrid Revealed image

Volkswagen has recently unveiled the Passat Hybrid at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The model was conceived by Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) and the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC), as a micro-mild demonstrator showcasing the capabilities of a new low-voltage hybrid-electric system. It is available in both diesel and gasoline configurations, achieving 42 miles per gallon (mpg US) with CO2 emissions under 130g/km. This new technology offers gasoline-fueled vehicles with lower cost than their equivalent diesel model.

Although the micro-mild technology adds some cost to the 1.4L model, it significantly raises fuel economy and also gives much better emissions standards. All these at a cost that is lower than the TDI model’s base price, which makes it much cheaper than a full hybrid system as well. The 1.4-liter base engine put out 120hp in the Passat and CPT raises that to 140hp, making the smaller engine more compatible with the larger 1.8L option. Using the SpeedStart stop-start system, which includes the advanced starter-generator, as well as intelligent torque and current control, efficiencies are further boosted.