George Clooney drives his C1 Corvette image

The famous American actor George Clooney has been recently spotted while driving his red and white classic C1 Corvette.

Rich and famous people are known for their passion in new and expensive cars but it seems that George Clooney is an exception from the rule and he is currently reliving his youth. The famous actor has been recently spotted while taking his classic red and white C1 Corvette for a spin and we must admit that the little car suits him just perfect.

As a quick reminder, the Chevrolet Corvette C1 has been produced between 1953 and 1962 and it was assembled in Flint, Michigan, until 1954, and in St. Louis, Missouri, until 1962. The model was a sports car with a single body style, two-door convertible, coming with a choice of six engines and three transmissions over the years.

When it made its way onto the market back in 1953, the C1 Corvette was priced at 3,498 USD for the entry-level version and just 300 units of the model have been produced that year, unlike 1962, when 14,531 units have left the assembly line. In total, 69,015 units of the C1 Corvette have been produced.

Source: Corvette Blogger