George H.W. Bush Buys a Volt for His Son’s Anniversary image

Former President George H.W. Bush bought a Chevrolet Volt as a birthday preset for his son Neil.

The Obama administration has openly showed the immense support for the car, maybe that is why it has become a political target. The President himself declared that he would buy a Volt when he leaves office and former auto czar Steve Rattner expressed his desire to buy a silver one and that it loved the car even if it’s not financially savvy. It seems normal that George Bush is a fan of the Volt since the car’s development was set in motion with policies established by him.

The 43rd President enacted the $13.4million bailout of GM and Chrysler in early 2008, the GM portion of which kept the Detroit automaker running and freed them up to develop the fuel efficient hybrid. He also created the tax-credit incentives to purchase hybrid cars in his 2005 Clean Energy Bill. With the 2012 elections coming up, the Chevrolet Volt has become a target of criticism for Republicans, and although Bill O’Reilly may seem to maintain that the Volts are flammable, he once supported the green car too.