German audience backfires at smart airing commercial telling people Santa doesn’t exist image

We all know the truth but nevertheless it’s actually really stupid when a large entity – such an automaker – makes a stupid decision and tries to impose its view over a particular matter.

And this is more of an issue when a carmaker as big as Daimler lets one of its brands – namely Smart – run amuck and deliver a national commercial on the radio that tells the listeners – children included – that the dearest old bearded guy ever, Santa Claus, doesn’t exist. It’s only logical that Smart has come under fire in Germany for the move – the advertisement was meant to promote the ForFour and should have served as a humorous reminder the model also has rear seats: two parents are talking to each other in the front and the mother tells the father she’s all hopeful their children will never find that Santa is a fictitious person actually – and the children that were in the back seat are hear saying “What?”

The reaction was quick and painful for the brand as the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages were riddled with angry comments that described the idea as “thoughtless” and said it had a “very unsightly nature especially so close to Christmas!” There’s even a brand new hashtag called #weihnachtsmanngate (Santa Claus gate) as a result of the conundrum. Smart naturally had to pull off the ad and representatives also apologized to the people that were offended and said the company was working “flat out” to make sure it would stop broadcasting.

Via Autobild