Because of stronger demand coming from Asia and other countries abroad, the internal automotive production of Germany has grown a good 14%, reaching 515,200 vehicles in September, according to the country’s auto industry association, VDA.

Automobile production in Germany is, of course, a major contributor to overall industrial production and manufacturing, also acting as one of the key factors of the export-depending German economy, and helps secure hundreds of thousands of domestic jobs. So, it’s also acting as a good indicator for the overall health off the country’s economy – and Germany is doing quite well in this case.

Also, the September local sales almost halted their decline, falling just 1.2% in September, renewing hopes that what’s worst has finally coming to an end for the ailing European market – Germany being its strongest market and a very good overall market indicator.

“Our companies are currently profiting from their presence in (foreign) growth centers and the apparent stabilization in the west European market,” said VDA President Matthias Wissmann in a statement.

The strong increase registered in production, buoyed by a 15 percent rise in exports to 389,000 vehicles, meant that total output in the first three quarters of 2013 returned to the 4.1 million-vehicle level from the year-ago period.

Via Reuters


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