German crowdfunded startup wants to build a Solar-powered EV image

Here’s an unexpected new electric vehicle – the odd Sono Motors Sion, a crowdfunded success – which should begin production and reach the roads by 2018.

Tesla, for example, knows very well how hard it is to build a new car company from the scratch – but we all know Germans are well known for being keen and focused. So, Munich, Germany-based startup Sono Motors, found a solution – crowdfunding. The company secured €192,000 ($216,000) through an Indiegogo campaign, exceeding its original €150,000 ($169,000) threshold. Sono will now be able to start production of its quirky Sion EV, as a prototype first, looking to impress future customers starting next year.


The “Urban” version will cost around $13,000 and have a range of about 75 miles on a single charge. Go for the “Extender” edition, and for $18,000 you can go 155 miles on a single charge. You can plug the car to a standard household outlet and will also use solar panels throughout; on the roof, doors, and rear. These will be able to deliver up to 18 miles of driving range in a single day, making it “a self-charging electric car.” Inside there is room for six persons, with a big trunk and a ten-inch center display lending all the usual smartphone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth credentials. The early adopters get a range of perks, from a full-day test drive, to discounts on the car.