The FIA have decided to take no further action against Red Bull despite concerns about an issue with the engine mapping on the RB8.

The FIA technical delegate, Jo Bauer, made a statement this morning in which he identified the specific issue as a lower torque map in both cars than previously seen at other events.

“It became apparent that the maximum torque output of both engines is significantly less in the mid rpm range than previously seen at other events, ” said FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer in a statement.

“In my opinion this is therefore in breach….of Formula One technical regulations as the engines are able to deliver more torque at a given engine speed in the mid rpm range.

However, there was insufficient evidence to punish Red Bull, who would almost certainly have raced under protest if they had been found guilty and either been forced to start from the pit lane or excluded from the grand prix.

Earler Red Bull team principal Christian Horner told that he was not aware that the team had broken any regulations. “I know nothing of such infringements.”

Vettel is due to start on the front row.


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