German green group says Fiat’s 500X shows excess emissions image

Another report from the German DUH lobby group shows that Fiat’s compact crossover 500X is exceeding the emissions limits.

The German environmental lobby group DUH has lately disclosed a lot of information about the inside world of the auto industry, revealing that Volkswagen is not the only automaker singled out in exceeding the emissions limits. DUH has already pointed fingers at General Motors’ Opel division, Renault and Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz brand, but the green group made new accusations at a recent press conference targeting Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ 500X compact crossover. “The extreme overruns of NOx emissions that have meanwhile been detected with an Opel Zafira, a Renault Espace, a Mercedes C-Class and now a Fiat SUV are technically not plausible and point towards defeat devices,” campaigner Axel Friedrich said. On Tuesday, DUH Managing Director Juergen Resch declared that, according to tests concluded by the University of Applied Sciences in Bern, Switzerland, a model year 2015 Fiat 500X powered by a Euro 6 diesel generation released nitrogen oxide emissions that were between 11 and 22 times the legal European limits when tested with a warm engine.

All the indicted automakers have denied so far they have been breaching the emissions laws, but admitted however that there are some models that produce higher emissions when tested in real-world driving conditions. Therefore, the company strongly supported proposals to close the gap between laboratory tests and real-world emissions scenarios. Last week, a proposal to veto the draft decision to raise diesel car emission limits for nitrogen oxides by up to 110 percent when the real driving emissions test procedure was introduced was rejected by members of the European Parliament.

Via Reuters