Sep.30 (GMM/ A German newspaper has admitted it got it wrong in claiming Ferrari sent Mark Webber a joke invoice for the Singapore ‘taxi ride’.

The major daily Bild published the hefty invoice for $27,500, claiming it was an “exclusive” revelation, when really the joke was dreamed up by GrandPrixDiary blogger Rob Sinfield.

“Some believe that pigs might actually fly … especially in Germany,” Ferrari said via its official Twitter account after reports of the Bild story emerged.

Bild correspondent Helmut Uhl admitted his mistake, in thinking Ferrari had sent Webber the joke invoice for riding on Fernando Alonso’s sidepod in Singapore, caused a “fuss”.

“To be fair to Bild,” Sinfield wrote on Twitter, “they told me who sent them my spoof invoice and I wouldn’t have checked the validity either.”