German police has an awesome aftermarket Ford Mustang image

The German Polizei has numerous hardcore vehicles – after all they have no speed limits on the Autobahn – and their latest model that could be used to catch perps is a tuned Ford Mustang GT V8.

OK, it’s not going to be used for Die Hard-style chases on the freeway – because it’s actually part of the TUNE IT! SAFE! campaign so it will see promotional use only. Local Ford tuning specialist Wolf Racing was the one in charge of the Mustang project – called “Wolf Wide 5.0”, it has specially-developed, 20-inch alloys wrapped in Hankook tires as well as height-adjustable coilover suspension; a full bodykit packing front and rear aprons, side panels, rear diffuser, and a huge rear wing, together with a sports exhaust. Power from the 5.0-liter, V8 motor comes in the form of an upgrade – the 421 horsepower mill has been taken slightly up to 455 hp (335 kW).


This will be good for a 62 miles per hour sprint lasting 4.3 seconds and the maximum speed has surged to 166 mph (268 km/h). In addition, it has the traditional good looking Polizei livery, as well as a full complement of blue lights and sirens by Hella. The TUNE IT! SAFE! Campaign has been designed to encourage car tuning to be safe and compliant with Germany’s motor vehicle regulations. The Mustang of course premiered at the Essen motor show.