German police may cancel a $40 million order of 800 Opel Insignia because officers cannot fit in their seats.

After placing a €25 million order for 800 Opel Insignia wagons a state police force in Germany found out that the cars are unsuitable for its officers, the fancy seats being so narrow that the cops could not get in while wearing their guns, truncheons and other equipment. The visibility of the vehicles was also deemed not good enough during car chases. From the total of 800 vehicles, 200 units have already been delivered to the police force of the central-western German state of Hesse.

In 2010 GM and the Hesse law enforcement bureau closed the deal for this order, but Hesse Interior Ministry is reportedly still deciding whether the rest of the deal will be completed. Deputy chairman of GdP, Lothar Holzgen declared that cars should have been tested thoroughly before making the order and that the rearward visibility, which is quite hampered due to the car’s sloping roofline, was a major issue.

“I need to see out of the back every minute, every second,” Holzgen told The Local. “That’s a safety matter for us.”


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