German Porsche 911 gets the Spanish wide body treatment image

Spanish tuner Atarius Concept has announced the creation of a broad customization program for the Porsche 911 – most specific its 997 generation.

Called the “Predator”, the tuning pack comes with a wide body kit that offers the not so young 911 the revered look of a racer – although the model is still very much allowed to be driven legally on the street. We have massive vented front and rear bumpers to make sure the 911 will stand out in a crowd of… well 911s. Other interesting goodies include the carbon fiber air scoop mounted on the roof, the side profile has even more vents and the wheels feature a black finish complimented with yellow brake calipers. You can’t see it from the outside, but behind the wheels sits a reworked suspension setup which has been tailored to increase stiffness and stability.

The rear end – which is anyways the area most drivers will get to see on a regular basis, might draw the highest levels of attention due to the beefy diffuser and custom exhaust system with massive quad exhaust tips. The specialists at Atarius Concept also opted for a big wing to increase the downforce at the rear axle, also holding the extra, third braking light. We have not had the chance to witness the changes done to the cockpit, but from the pictures of the exterior we glanced a new set of seats and a roll cage to increase safety. The Madrid-based tuner also offers as an option the entire kit in carbon fiber and we also found out the design was penned by Marius Dumitrascu, a man who also developed other tuning kits for sports cars.