Germany: Audi wants to keep increasing production image

The Volkswagen-owned premium automaker has announced it intends to increase even further production in its home market, after recent months saw it adding additional shifts to its production facilities.

Audi’s drive for production increases in the second quarter come after the maker is already running 53 additional production shifts – all caused by increased demand coming from the European and Chinese regions. The automaker is running the new shifts at its biggest German manufacturing facilities – in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, set to run January and the end of April. A spokeswoman talked to Reuters on the continuation of the shifts after weekly magazine Automobilwoche first reported on the matter.

“I’m pretty sure that special-shift operations will continue” beyond April, the spokeswoman said. “The situation continues to look very stable.”

All the 53 special shifts are run over weekends and the spokesperson said that Audi hasn’t yet worked out all the details of the further additional shifts with labor representatives. Audi is set to outrun third placed Mercedes-Benz for the fourth year in a row in 2014 and has jumped its deliveries in China in March alone by 37% to a tally of 47,636 cars. The company is also very close to its main rival, first placed BMW – trailing it only by a few hundred cars last year.

Via Reuters