German automaker Daimler, the parent of luxury brand Mercedes-Benz has partnered with industrial gases maker Linde to jointly build 20 new hydrogen-fuelling stations in Germany in the near future to boost eco-friendly car demand.

Environmentally conscious drivers now have a wider choice when it comes to green cars, as the popular hybrids (and their latest development, plug-in hybrids) and the pure battery-electric cars have been joined by the fuel-cell technology. Producing electricity from hydrogen tanks, these vehicles only deliver water vapor and heat into the atmosphere. Their range is comparable to traditional combustion engine cars and the refill process takes just minutes.

“We are considerably improving the conditions for successfully marketing fuel-cell cars,” said Andreas Opfermann, Linde’s head of clean energy and innovation management.

Daimler has entered a partnership with Ford and Nissan back in 2013 to develop and later market a powertrain lay-out for hydrogen powered vehicles. Today, Germany has 16 operational hydrogen fuelling stations, including one built by Daimler and Linde – inaugurated in Berlin late last month. The two companies plan to invest each 10 million euros ($13 million) to deploy new hydrogen stations, reaching a total of 13 before the end of 2015. Daimler plans to introduce numerous new hydrogen models from 2017.

Via Reuters


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