Drivers might soon become optional if a project that is set to commence on the famous limitless German Autobahn becomes successful.

According to a spokesperson for the Transportation Ministry, the German government has put in motion an autonomous test project that would see self-driving vehicles being tested in real-world scenarios on a portion of the A9 autobahn, the north-south highway that connects Munich and Berlin. This is not the first instance that driverless cars get tested in Germany – or around the world, for that matter, they are most famous for being already granted license plates (albeit special ones) in California – but it could be the first time that a public road highway is has been equipped specifically for the testing procedures. The upcoming autonomous autobahn is a recognition from the authorities of the work done by automakers and technology companies across the world in the field of driverless cars – with numerous companies pushing forward the development of vehicles capable of driving by themselves.

The latest endeavors include Mercedes-Benz’s January International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where the company introduced the self-driving luxury concept F015 or Audi’s unmanned car journey from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas or the idea of putting a driverless RS7 down a track at racing speeds in 2014. Additionally, the largest technology company in the world – Google Inc. – has also started its own self-driving car project, already producing a prototype of an egg-shaped, two-passenger vehicle that lacks a steering wheel or braking pedals.

Via Bloomberg


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