Germany mulls increased EV sales with free parking plan image

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s legislators aim to increase the number of electric cars on Germany’s roads to one million units by 2020. The threshold is highly ambitious, as at the beginning of 2014 there were only around 21,000 such vehicles.

One way of enticing the prospective buyers of the green models devised by the government will be to offer free parking spots to the electric car owners. We all know that in crowded cities such amenities are highly sought and often incur rather high costs for the car buyers.

“Electric cars will get their own labels so they’re recognizable to everyone,” Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said in a statement. “Sales will rise amid an increasing selection of electric models and a growing number of e-cars on the roads.”

A bill was backed by Merkel’s cabinet yesterday, allowing city municipalities to give away free parking spots and other privileges –such as the use of bus-only lanes – to owners of plug-in hybrids, battery and fuel cell electrics.

Germany has a long tradition when it comes to motoring culture, but the country needs to also reduce its carbon footprint from transportation – CO2 generated by the sector has slowly gone down from 161 million tons in 2001 to around 140 million metric tons in 2012.

Via Automotive News Europe