Germany: New car sales down 0.4% in January image

In Germany, a total 210,195 new cars were registered last month, 0.4 percent less than a year ago, the German federal motor transport authority said in a monthly report.

Separate data published by the VDA auto industry federation put the number at 210,300, unchanged from a year earlier.

“The German auto market proved once again to be very robust and in January matched last year’s high level,” the federation said.

Exports have also equalled the previous year’s high level. In total, the German passenger car manufacturers exported 324,800 passenger cars in January 2012 (+4 per cent). In the US German group brands pushed up their sales by 24 per cent – a rise of more than double that on the overall light vehicle market, which expanded by a good 11 per cent.

Assembly in German plants also recorded another rise in January. Altogether 444,900 passenger cars rolled off the production lines, which was growth of 12 per cent.

January 2012
Passenger cars *) Volume ± in %
New registrations 210.300 0
of which
German makes incl. group makes 145.400 -1
Foreign makes 64.900 0
Exports 324.800 4
Production 444.900 12
*) Estimate