According to a statement coming from Germany’s VDA industry association, the largest auto market in Europe is scheduled to return to an overall positive result in 2014, for the first time since 2011.

While finally coming out of the market slump that has encompassed the European region since the 2008-2009 global economic recession, Germany is also predicted to further grow sales in 2015, according to VDA. The association announced that it forecasts 2014 sales up around 25 at the end of December and that overall 2015 could add another 15 on top of that growth. The year’s total should reach a little over 3 million units. “The situation is better than sentiment,” said VDA chief Matthias Wissmann during a conference in Berlin.

On the other hand, passenger-car sales regressed by 2% in November to 250,100 units – the overall 11-month increase stands today at 3% and 2.81 million autos. According to a VDA spokesperson, last month’s slide can be attributed to one-off effects of new tyre pressure regulations across Europe – which increased the price of the component and impacted auto sales. Overall, 2013 sales in Germany were 4.2% lower at 2.95 million units after falling in 2012 by 2.9%, revealed VDA official figures.

Via Reuters



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