Germany plans to ban older diesels from cities image

The German government is working on a set of regulatory laws that will allow towns to ban older diesels from their streets.

The diesel scandal triggered by Volkswagen made the German government finally take a closer look at the rising pollution levels within the country and speed up efforts to clean the air and to encourage car buyers to consider environmentally friendlier alternatives. The local authorities have been lately considering banning older diesels from their streets, but the unclear legal environment made them hesitate taking such a bold step. However, Angela Merkel’s government plans to remove the legal uncertainty by issuing an ordinance in this direction this year, according to Deputy Environment Minister Jochen Flasbarth.

“This step is necessary as a stop gap until electric cars have a significant foothold in our towns, and diesel emissions really are what carmakers say they are: cleaner,” Flasbarth said. Therefore, older diesels with emissions that do not comply with Euro6 norm may be banned from registration once the proposal is ratified.

Town and city councils will not be compelled to take such restrictive actions and will not be allowed to fully ban vehicles not fulfilling the latest emissions standards within inner-city limits, Flasbarth added. “Cars that do will get a blue sticker, that much is certain,” he said. Separately, the German government is debating for some months now a plan to surge the sales of electric cars by planning a bold tax incentive strategy.

Via Bloomberg