Germany will test again 30 cars for high CO2 levels image

A German committee is looking to retest 30 cars for an “inexplicably high” CO2 emissions level.

The European country first tested these models for any defeat devices after the Volkswagen Group admitted to having manipulated the engine management software on its cars to pass tests for NOx pollutants which are harmful to people’s health and environment. Officials were surprised to see that many of these cars released high levels of CO2,  affecting the global climate.

A spokeswoman for the German Transport Ministry stated for Automotive News Europe that “Out of 53 cars tested for illegal software, 30 were showing inexplicably high CO2 emissions. The experts are now looking into this.” The Ministry did not reveal which are the cars to be retested and what are their brands though. The spokeswoman added that the committee will release a report after it receives the results of the CO2 tests.

Opel and Fiat have already been asked to show up in front of the German government commison to explain the high NOx emissions from the diesel versions of the Opel Zafira minivan and Fiat 500X. While Opel is considered to make it out of this dispute with only a number of warnings, Fiat has been criticized for not being present there.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority in Germany has recently found that only the VW Group used a defeat device but it is looking into techniques that are used by other carmakers in order to change the engine performance on their cars in a manner that they produce high emissions level of CO2 outside test conditions.