Germany: worker dies after robot accident at VW factory image

The Volkswagen Group reported a contractor was crushed and killed by a robot at its German components facility in Kassel, in the northern area of Frankfurt.

While the news falls rather untimely in line with the latest edition of the Terminator franchise, this is naturally not the first step towards global domination of murderous sentient entity Skynet. Instead, the 21-year-old worker was working in a two-man team to set up the plant robot on Monday when he was grabbed and crushed against a metal plate, according to a company spokesperson talking to Automotive News Europe. The two contractors were working to assemble the robot for a new electric motor production line and while the man received immediate first aid at the scene and was resuscitated, he died later at a Kessel hospital. Media reports stated that initial conclusions claimed human error to have played a part in the fatal incident, but the company official only said an investigation started immediately to reveal the cause of the accident.

The robot would normally perform its operational duties within a confined area at the assembly facility, picking up components and moving them in different places as it was able to receive various tasks during the assembly process. According to VW, the Kessel plant is the automaker’s main transmission site and delivers to the VW Group on an annual basis around 4 million manual and automatic transmissions, while also manufacturing body, platform and exhaust parts.

Via Automotive News Europe

  • glenn

    Prefacing this article with a ridiculous reference to the Terminator is wholly inappropriate journalism. It is rather insulting to your readers and the man’s family.

    • Jujhf

      Could not agree more.