Get this: Porsche welcomes time travelers with bespoke video image

We’re not trying to make a fool out of you. Porsche is actually saluting time travelers with a dedicated video – and yes we can hear from afar the laughter of the Zuffenhausen employees that brewed this crazy idea.

This one is right next to the other oddities that bring money to the Volkswagen group – such as VW’s curry sausages or ketchup and Audi’s lip balm and “Gecko” fragrance air freshener. And since we already told you we didn’t left open a bottle of NoS inside the room, let’s get back to the video that has the outspoken purpose of greeting all those individuals that can time travel. There’s also a catch, because the automaker is actually using this as a promotional stunt for the eco-conscious plug-in hybrid lineup, which shouldn’t count the 918 Spyder anymore since the model has reached the end of its production life with all units manufactured. So, the technical inclusion should only relate to the Panamera S E-Hybrid and the Cayenne S E-Hybrid.

The one notably absent model from the promo video is the astonishing Mission E concept, which was actually greenlit by the automaker not long ago and should arrive on the market to challenge Tesla’s Model S by 2018. By the way, the company also has a more serious reason to celebrate – since the other day they released the November sales that pointed the figures so far this year have exceeded the 200,000 units milestone in just eleven months. Yep, Porsche is on a roll and believe it or not – they could care less about the VW AG dieselgate scandal.