Get your racing van obsession fixed with the MS-RT “R-Spec” Ford Transit image

There are two kinds of persons in the world, those who admit they secretly dreamt at least once about having a racing-inspired van to go on adventures with friends, and those who simply deny.

Some are also acknowledging publicly this passion, so for them the aftermarket specialists from MS-RT have prepared a limited-edition Ford Transit in “R-Spec”, bringing a raft of upgrades everywhere. The company also comes with no less than two decades of motorsport – mostly rally – experience, so you can be sure this is not your regular WRC-inspired van that is all show and no actual go. The special series Blue Oval workhorse has been created specifically in recognition of another M-Sport World Rally Team successful season.

Get your racing van obsession fixed with the MS-RT “R-Spec” Ford Transit 4

The limited edition starts as a “regular” MS-RT Transit Custom, adding a new set of brakes with braided hoses in blue or yellow. The turbodiesel 2.0-liter engine is hooked to bespoke engine hoses, a new exhaust box – bringing the total to a satisfying 208 hp and a torquetastic 486 Nm (358 lb-ft), even though the engine already started with a good 170 horsepower and 405 Newton-meters (299 pound-feet). Just 50 units will be produced, complete with the new and aggressive body kit, graphics pack, extra front lights, optional black 20-inch OZ Racing wheel and also a pair of body-hugging Recaro bucket front seats complete with blue seatbelts front and back.