Get your Wraith luggage set in carbon fiber for $45k image

If your bank account is strong enough, for $45, 854 Rolls-Royce has you covered with a customized carbon fiber Wraith luggage set – and yeah, you might want also want to own the car beforehand.

Not long ago, the British exotic ultra-luxury automaker released a Wraith Carbon Fiber special model that wasn’t actually what you think – as it only featured the strong and lightweight material inside the cabin and only on a bunch of elements. But if you’re thinking about snatching it you can also go all the way and improve the model’s flair even more with a luggage set that uses carbon fiber in the frame to improve properties. The “Wraith Luggage Collection” has six items that were styled in a bid to “reflect the unparalleled design aesthetics of Rolls-Royce motor cars.” With performance cars in mind, the handles for example were designed to make sure the weight distribution is even and they were also tested to make sure they are ergonomic.

Get your Wraith luggage set in carbon fiber for $45k 2

Attention to detail is key when we’re talking about such expensive accessories, so the one here has the “Spirit of Ecstasy” flying lady figurine on each bag and the self-righting wheel centers also sport the double-R emblem. Additionally, the customer can order a single- or two-tone finish for the hand-stitched leather which has the same color pattern as the one found in the car. Pricing is going to reflect the level of exclusivity: $45,845 in the United States, $44,925 in Canada, €28,984 in Europe, £24,248 in U.K. and ¥4,753,323 in Japan.