Ghosn says Nissan able to tackle autonomous driving by 2020 image

Japan’s Nissan Motor, the second largest automaker in the country, will have ready vehicles ready to employ autonomous driving features before the next decade starts, said the carmaker’s chief executive officer Carlos Ghosn.

The top executive added that although the Japanese company will have the vehicles already commercially available in that timeframe, the ability to use the new features will not rely solely on driver desire, but also hinges on government regulators. The vast majority of global automakers, together or in competition with technology companies such as industry giant Google are hard at work developing and researching the systems and technologies needed to allow cars to drive themselves on public roads without driver intervention. Ghosn said the Japanese powerhouse has made progress, allowing him to feel confident it would have commercial applications of the technology by 2020. He views as a major hurdle the approval of regulators around the world – though autonomous cars are a given as the younger generation requires them. The next generation of drivers, who determine how future cars should look and be equipped, have asked for driverless capability, next to enhanced connectivity and low to zero emissions.

Ghosn added the connectivity part can intertwine with the autonomous functions, with consumers seeking access to the Internet, seeing movies and having all the other experiences that are usually associated with homes or offices – rather than driving. He also added that fully driverless cars are not their focus – meaning autonomous features in Nissan models could be switched on and off to enhance driving pleasure.