Ghosn skeptic of Japanese prime minister drive towards women in top jobs image

Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Nissan Motor and the best-paid company executive in Japan, is worried about Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s effort to promote women in the country’s top jobs.

According to Abe’s call, 30% of all top jobs in the nation should go to women by 2020, but the automotive executive expressed his doubts over the number – concerned that a target rush could lead to failure among company staff.

“We need to show successes. If people start to see … failures, I think it’s going to be counter-productive,” said Ghosn, a Brazil-born French citizen of Lebanese origin. “I totally understand and support the Japanese government’s efforts to promote women in society. Obviously the Japanese government has a lot of objective reasons to do that,” he added. “But I think 30 percent is ambitious.”

Nissan’s CEO is considered one of the liberal executives in the country, the world’s third-largest economy, but he seems to be on par with the many detractors of the plan – as they all see a jump from today’s 1% as a very ambitious goal. Nissan is already well ahead of other companies, like Toyota and Honda, when it comes to the women in top positions quota. The Japanese prime minister promoted the target as he seeks to replenish Japan’s top management, as workforce issues due to a rapidly aging population plague the country.

Via Reuters