Ghosn wants his alliance to catch up to biggest rivals image

Carlos Ghosn, the chief executive of French-Japanese Renault-Nissan alliance intends to boost profitability and grow sales across all regions, allowing them to enter the top three global automakers.

The automotive alliance has high ambitions, exposed by the CEO at the latest shareholder annual meeting, when he expressed that his objective is to “install Renault-Nissan as one of the top three global automakers,” chasing the likes of Toyota, Volkswagen and General Motors.

Just as the shareholders made him the global alliance CEO for the years to come, with a mandate at least to 2018, Ghosn is expecting Renault to thoroughly grow sales as the brand over the next three years is refreshing its entire line-up, while all brands should further tap growth possibilities in regions like Russia and China.

“Breaking into the top three by 2020 is feasible. Look at Volkswagen. Who would have expected them to be where they are now 10 years ago?” said Rabih Freiha, lead analyst at equity researchers Exane BNP Paribas. “As a group, they will reach levels that will allow them to compete with the top three. But whether they break into the top three or not is not really a priority since what matters most is profits and not volumes.”

Ghosn, I the past criticized for not coordinating better the integration of the two big brands – Nissan and Renault – started this year the biggest integration measures to date, with the alliance pulling together resources in four important divisions – engineering, manufacturing, purchasing and human resources.

Via Automotive News Europe