Giannini 350 GP4 is what you call pocket-rocket in Italian image

Remember how a few years back Fiat decided to bring back to life the iconic 500 for a vintage-inspired city car – well that’s been reengineered like Frankenstein’s monster into a true pocket rocket.

The mini-supercar is the work of aftermarket specialist Giannini, who partnered with GRAM (Gram Torino Engineering) to bring to life the 350 GP4, actually an evolution of the Alfa Romeo 4C-powered 350 GP that was first shown to the world in June at the Turin Motor Show. The latter was bonkers enough to play with RWD, but for this installment the specialist has come up with a more feasible all-wheel drive setup.

Giannini 350 GP4 is what you call pocket-rocket in Italian 1

The second major difference is the return from the central position to the original location of the engine – so you also get the added perk of gaining back the rear seats. There are scarcely any details on the engine itself, apart from sporting the same 350 hp power and seeing the changes also involved the fitting of a new carbon fiber splitter. There’s more carbon fiber all around and even the windows have been made out of Plexiglas to make sure this rocket can shoot to the moon easily.