Ginetta G60 sports car revealed image

When you are a small car manufacturer, teasing new models doesn’t help you very much and most of the time the news goes by almost unseen in the automotive media so this is most likely why Ginetta has chosen to reveal its new G60 sports car just a day before the small British automaker was teasing it.

the new Ginetta sports car will be known as the G60 and its power will come, as we previously announced, from a 3.7 liter naturally aspirated V6 engine, borrowed from the Ford Mustang, which is delivering 310 horsepower, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in around four seconds.


The small British car manufacturer is also offering a 410 horsepower supercharged GTS 400 version which is supposed to hit a top speed of 165 mph or 265 km/h, but this is coming without some goodies, like the ABS or power steering.

The Ginetta G60 has been priced at 68.000 British pounds (78.980 euros / 104.490 USD) but the automaker didn’t announce when the new sports car will be available for its future customers.