The legendary designer Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio have yet another unconventional concept for the fans of the automotive world – this time working for the company GFG Style.

You might recall that last year the famous designer lensed his credentials to a company from China – Techrules – creating the Ren model. Now it’s time for another job, so at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show we’re going to see how the Sybilla concept from GFG Style looks in a real-life situation. Interestingly, while it features state of the art, futuristic solutions, the styling is definitely a nod to the incredible line of past creations. This showcar is also a collaboration with Chinese energy management company Envision and its defining features in terms of style have to be the forward-hinged front canopy, glass roof and rear gullwing doors.

Giugiaro introduces the Sybilla concept as an out of this world sedan 2

Recollecting Giugiaro’s long line of creations, we found a similar configuration on the 1960s study Chevrolet Corvair Testudo. And making sure no one misses the reference, the old concept will share the stage at Geneva with the modern incarnation. Under the retro-modern design lies a contemporary powertrain – four electric motors, an advanced autonomous driving system, and a futuristic looking interior. Look forward to March 6 at the Geneva Motor Show for the full details on this new prototype.


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