Give up more than $10k and you can have a Bugatti Chiron… scale 1:8 image

At the beginning of the year Bugatti became once more the most talked about automotive brand when it reworked the hypercar scene with the introduction of the Veyron successor – the Chiron.

The French ultra-exotic brand has decided to manufacture just 500 units – which is actually a bit less exclusive than its predecessor produced in 450 examples. You can still go to Bugatti and order a Chiron because just 200 prospective owners have placed deposits of $250, 000, according to the automaker. And that opening might very well be caused by the $2.61 million base price. In case you don’t have such cash lying around but you’re still a rather affluent and passionate collector, there’s a solution. Amalgam Collection is now delivering a perfect 1:8 scale of the Chiron – hand crafted from the original CAD data supplied directly by Bugatti. The model has even been vetoed by the design and engineering teams and this is why the model can be seen at Bugatti’s new dealership in London.

Give up more than 10k and you can have a Bugatti Chiron… scale 18 1

The scale model is 22.36 inches (568 millimeters) long and will set you back $10,431 – which could be considered an investment in itself – given the scale model’s own limited edition status. There are other options as well – a 1:12 Chiron at $1,636, which could be the perfect Christmas gift for your son… after he becomes a father on his own. The real Chiron is expected to try and set a new world record – higher than the 268 miles per hour/431 kilometers per hour figure displayed by the Veyron Super Sport.