Global Auto production Reaches New Record in 2012 image

Last year global auto production reached a new record, and analysts expect the level to further increase this year.

HIS Automotive says that production of passenger-vehicles increased from 62.6 million units in 2011 to 66.7 million units last year and it might hit 68.3 million units this year. Passenger vehicle, light vehicle and truck production increased from 76.9 million in 2011 to 81.5 million last year and it might reach 83.3 million this year.

Germany, China and Japan manufactured 53% of the global light vehicles, and China with 18.2 million units manufactured as many as Japan and the US combined. Production in Mexico, Brazil, India, Thailand and Canada increases, but it begins to drop in Germany and South Korea. The auto industry now sells three times more vehicles compared with 2010, but unfortunately this gas a negative impact on the environment, leading to air pollution and the greenhouse effect.

But fuel efficiency standards get tougher with Japan, the EU and India imposing the lowest limits at between 128 and 138 g/km, while Austria and the US range between 198—205 grams. The EU plans to drop the level to 95 g/km and Japan to 105 g/km by 2020 and 93 g/km for the US cars and 109 g/km for the US light-duty vehicles by 2025. China and India plan to impose limits of 117 and 113 grams by 2020, and Mexico studies limits of 173 grams by 2016.