GM’s CEO Dan Akerson Receives $2M in Stock for 2012 image

Dan Akerson, General Motors Co. Chairman and CEO, received 76,249 shares of restricted stock last week.

The restricted stock units, which worth almost $2 million, in line with what he received last year, were offered on Thursday, March 15th, based on the company’s long-term incentive plan. In 2011 the Treasury Department’s special master for executive compensation approved paying Akerson $9 million in total compensation for the respective year. GM will remain under government oversight until the Treasury sells its remaining 26.5% stake in GM as part of its $49.5 billion bailout. Two-thirds of the stock will vest in March 2014, and the rest in March 2015, as long as Akerson remains with the company.

Akerson took the job at GM in September 2010, when he was awarded annualized compensation of $9 million in cash, stock and long-term incentive pay, apart from the 10,000 shares at $25.05 per share he personally purchased in August 2011.

Other GM executives were offered restricted shares of stock last week: Senior Vice President of Global Product Development Mary Barra and CFO Daniel Ammann each received 53,374 shares; Vice Chairman Stephen J. Girsky received 57,187 shares; and GM President of North America Mark Reuss and GM President of International Operations Timothy E. Lee each received 44,415 shares.