GM’s Pricing Strong but Market Share Down image

A recent report states that during the first quarter of 2012 GM had 17.5% average U.S. market share, the lowest level since 1922.

“The old GM would pull out all the stops to hold onto any amount of market share,” according to the report. “The new GM will take good pricing over market share any day of the week.”

In 2001 GM held a 28.1% market share in the U.S. and last year its market share was 19.6%. GM has been pulling back on incentives and fleet sales, such as for its Cadillac brand, to bolster residual values and image. The company declared that it expects pickup sales to be higher in the second half of this year and that it plans to introduce new products until the end of 2012.

“Over time, we have the vehicles coming and the strategies in place to profitability grow our share, but we don’t give share forecast because there can be so much noise in the system,” GM spokesman Jim Cain said.

Although market share is lower, pricing is strong for GM, who is refreshing many models. Retail sales are increasing and shares are stronger.