GM’s wants a Diesel Hybrid image

In these days, most of the automakers are trying to create high efficient cars; cars that can do 100 km with only 3 liters or even better. However, to achieve these values, most of them have to create lighter structures, or to install little engines. But with little engines we have in generally low performances. The solution is to install hybrid engines, which in most cases are based on a gasoline engine and a series of high capable batteries. But how about a diesel engine as hybrid solution?
The idea is not very new. Several automakers, such as France’s PSA Peugeot-Citroen and Mercedes-Benz, have revealed plans for diesel-electric hybrids, VW already presented L1 Concept – , but now General Motors wants to get in the game too.

Engineers at GM Europe’s powertrain HQ in Turin are studying the feasibility of integrating the company’s existing hybrid components — motor-generators, batteries and control electronics — with diesel engines.
Chief engineer Maurizio Cisternino belives that C and D-segment models like the Astra and Insignia are the best candidates for diesel hybrid. Most probably first diesel hybrid will be based on the actual 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine developed in Turin.

Source: MotorAutority

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