GM has hired 400 salaried and hourly workers at the Fort Wayne Assembly Plant in Roanoke.

The new employees will help GM with the production of the revamped full-size trucks, which started earlier this month. The US automaker has began to hire new people 14 months ago, to prepare for th production of the GMC Sierra and the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado pickups, according to plant spokeswoman Stephanie Jentgen.

“Because it’s a more complex truck, there’s more jobs on the line,” she said in a telephone interview.

Fort Wayne Assembly currently has 4,452 workers, including 4,100 hourly employees, who are represented by the UAW Local 2209. The plant’s employees work in three shifts, to meet demand for the new pickups. In late April, GM started production of the 2014 Silverado and Sierra at the Silao facility in Mexico.

Production at the Fort Wayne Assembly was stopped for three weeks, between June 24th and July 12th, according to UAW local 2209. The pickup trucks manufactured at this plant are expected to reach the market by the end of this summer, while trucks built at the Silao plant have already begun to reach dealerships.

Source: The Detroit News


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