GM Adds 100 Full-Time Workers at Lordstown Plant image

GM and United Auto Workers Local 1112 agreed to covert 100 part-time workers at the Lordstown plant to full time.

This change, which will be made in the next couple of weeks, means job security for 100 employees, and good news for the company and the community.

“What it also means is we have cars that are selling extremely well, and we need the extra people,” said Jim Graham, president of UAW 1112. “The Cruze is selling very well in both the United States and Europe,” Graham said.

It is unknown at this time whether GM will need to add additional temporary workers at the plant. The company declared that line production is constantly monitored and that it will increase production to go along with demand. UAW 1112 takes into consideration the potential impact of adding the diesel line for the Cruze in 2013, but now there is no way of determining how the diesel line would impact demand.

The Cruze is GM’s best selling car in the world, with 39,400 units sold in Europe alone in 2011 and more than 20,000 units sold in the U.S. in February 2012. This was the sixth- consecutive month in which more than 20,000 vehicles were sold worldwide and also the sixth month of sales growth for the Cruze.