GM Ads Third Shift at Brazil Complex and 2,630 New Jobs image

GM announced it will start a third shift at its Gravatai Industrial Complex in Brazil, adding 2, 630 supplier and factory jobs.

GM manufactures at the Gravatai Industrial Complex the Chevrolet Celta and Onix and production of another small sedan will begin in February, which requires the additional third shift, according to Jaime Ardila, president of GM South America.

“We launched nine all-new Chevrolet models in the last 15 months in the Brazilian market and are poised for growth,” Ardila said in a statement.

Ardila added that the automaker will add 180 jobs at a powertrain factory and 1,450 jobs at a vehicle-assembly plant, while suppliers will add 1,000 jobs. As GM’s sales in China begin to slow and losses in Europe continue to grow, the automaker plans to quickly expand in South America hoping that this will make up for the losses registered in other markets.

During the first nine months of 2012 Brazil accounted for 60% of GM’s sales in South America. In 2012 GM introduced seven new models in Brazil part of the automaker’s plan to return the market to profitability by updating its offerings.

“South America as a cluster isn’t going to disappear,” said Jaime Ardila, president of GM South America. “You’ll always have to have the cluster because of demographics, market preferences, culture, economic conditions, — it’s a natural cluster.”