GM alerts over 800 employees of personal information breach image

General Motors said that there must have been personal information leak that affected 883 active and retired workers in the company.

This exposure includes Social Security numbers that have been identified after a GM employee copied personal data before the retirement in May 2012.

GM has said in its statement that it has completed an investigation of its incident and is contacting the affected individuals to inform them of precautionary steps they can take to protect against possible identity fraud. No cases of fraud have been reported related to this incident.

The problem occurred with a former GM employee who copied two electronic spreadsheets with their names and Social Security numbers. As far as the security review is concerned, the company has confirmed that a deleted file has been found on the ex-employee’s computer which was written in a letter. The letter includes a statement which says – GM is continually modifying its systems and practices to enhance the security of sensitive information so that incidents like this can be prevented.

The company is also advising its affected workers to register free fraud alerts on their credit files with three leading credit bureaus. GM also advises to monitor credit reports for such suspicious activity for the coming year.