GM allies with wireless carriers in US Internet neutrality battle image

The wireless carriers have been entrenched in a heavy fight with regulators over upcoming stricter Internet traffic standards and General Motors is now emerging as one of their most prized allies.

General Motors has allegedly sent a letter to a Federal Communications Commission official, seen by Reuters, in which Harry Lightsey III – GM’s global connected consumer unit executive director, ties the fight to wireless connected vehicles.

“From our point of view,” Lightsey said in the letter, “mobile broadband being delivered to a car moving at 75 mph down a highway is a fundamentally different phenomenon from a wired broadband connection to a consumer’s home, and merits continued consideration under distinct rules that take this into account.”

The US automaker’s official has asked the FCC to “retain the critical distinction” and enact rules that make a difference between fixed and mobile Internet traffic. He added the new limitations could soon impede innovation in connected cars. As a reminder, the US government is mulling the introduction of new rules that would mandate all new cars to be able to connect – with other cars and the surroundings. The automakers and legislators stress that having connected cars would allow for a better flow in traffic and most of all bring a level of safety never seen before.

Via Automotive News