GM also is about to join the “Recall Parade”? image

The “Recalling” could be the virus which is spreading infection in wilder speeds. To begin with, it was Toyota which caught red handed by this virus and experienced worst ever loss of money and reputation. After getting huge success in Toyota, the virus has started performing so many reputed names that now car lovers are stunned and asking just one question, “Whom to trust?”

Now, after getting complains against Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon for the chrome plating of interior doors handle in which they are peeled and created sharp edges that have cut and drew bloods. These complain are taken under serious considerations by U.S. regulation as there are as many as 88 minor hand injuries. The investigation is taken on hands by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration who is going to decide the future of 433,000 vehicles.

While describing the complaints, an officer of Feds said that “complains are mainly related to the metal-plated interior door handles. The delaminating, or peeling, of the metal plating on the door handles cut hands when the door was opened”.

General Motors spokesman Alan Adler quite cautiously expressed the concern of the company and said that the co-operation with NHTSA is done by the engineers and the company is in constant touch of the problem. The complaint was received in February for the Tahoe customer and Yukon Customer got the same problem in June 2009 which stated the seriousness. The real investigation took place in September 2009 but it went in depth for engineering analysis from May 23 of this year. If the engineering analysis goes other ways, the vehicle recall also could be the possibility.

The Recall Parade which was started by Toyota seems to be never ending and the future of Chevrolet and GMC is in real dilemma. GM has just begun to come on the right track and this recall could hurt their progress quite substantially.